Do Advisories have an end date?

Many Advisories do not have an end date as the situation is ongoing (eg. violent groups in Nigeria, disputed territories, etc). Some Advisories, though, are temporary and have an end date (eg. post-hurricane/earthquake/flood, election periods, seasonal influenza, etc.)

Although the Advisory might have an end date on Riskline's side, we do not provide it in the request payload. When the end date is reached, the Advisory becomes unpublished at our end, and, as a result, we make a DELETE request to our clients for that Advisory.

Do you provide your sources for Advisories?

No, we do not provide the sources since, for each Advisory (and other reports), several sources are used, which are then curated by Riskline's analysts to write the resulting report. If you are interested in knowing more about our sources click here.