Information added to the Country Report API

We will implement additional text called an "Overview" to each chapter ID and subcategory of the Country Report API. It is a summary describing the overall situation of a country or territory and it can be used as a preview. The content of the Overview is the same content that can be found in the Summary API.

Change of ISO code for Kosovo

To keep in line with ISO standards, we will be changing the ISO country code for Kosovo from CS to XK. This change will happen on September 26, 2023.


Section added to the Pre-Travel Advisory

A Required Documents section has been added to our PTA indicating whether there are any health-related requirements to enter a Destination. It includes the following 2 subsections:


New Destinations covered by our reports

We have added 2 new Destinations to our travel risk intelligence database:


New subcategory to be introduced for our Alerts

We will be introducing a new 'Kidnap and Ransom' subcategory to the 'Crime' category of our Alerts.


New subcategory for our Alerts

We have added “Visa” as a subcategory under our “Travel Safety and Disruptions” Alerts, to report on visa rule changes.

Transition to the use of WHO Covid-19 data

Riskline since the start of the pandemic has used the John Hopkins Coranavirus Resource Centre as our source for Covid-19 statistics.
However, John Hopkins is discontinuing the resource centre on 10th March.
Because of this, we will be transitioning to the use of WHO Covid-19 data on 8th March


New City Reports for Mexico

As of February 23rd, we have added 4 new City Reports for Mexico covering the following cities:


Changes to the Health and Medical section of Destination Reports

The following changes have been made:


Changes to Country Report API for Q2 2023

We will be making changes to some content in our Destination (country and territories) reports to streamline the information available. These changes will affect our Country Report API - the structure of the API will not change - the API will continue to have fields for these sections, but simply return a 'null' value.