Product update: ISO code changes

On March 13th, 2024, we are going to update our database of geographic data to provide more accurate information in our reports.


Product Update: Travel Search Widget Enhanced

Our Travel Search Widget just got a major upgrade. While the functionality remains the same, we've given it a fresh new look and feel:


Product update: Slight transition in Destination Reports

On 25 January 2024, minor changes we made to Riskline Destination Reports to consolidate information that is reported in multiple locations of the reports.


COVID-19 API deprecation

We are going to deprecate the COVID-19 API and shut down the COVID-19 microsite in July 2024. During this 6-month notice period, the API will still be running and we will continue to maintain COVID-19 reports. We strongly encourage our clients to migrate to Travel Search API by Q2 2024 to receive up-to-date entry information pertaining to visas, health documents, and events.


Old Alerts still active

Due to an internal technical issue, a number of old Alerts with a past end_date were still set to is_active: true. We have now inactivated them and have pushed an update through the Alerts API to all our clients who use that API. Below is a list that includes all the Alert IDs affected by this:

Change of ISO region CN-XZ naming

To better align with ISO standards, we have changed the name of the Chinese region with code CN-XZ from "Tibet" to "Xizang".


Removing redundant COVID-19 sections

We are removing the content and data in several COVID-19-related sections from our COVID reporting. The reason for this change is that the information is no longer relevant or not being tracked.


Information added to the Country Report API

We will implement additional text called an "Overview" to each chapter ID and subcategory of the Country Report API. It is a summary describing the overall situation of a country or territory and it can be used as a preview. The content of the Overview is the same content that can be found in the Summary API.

Change of ISO code for Kosovo

To keep in line with ISO standards, we will be changing the ISO country code for Kosovo from CS to XK. This change will happen on September 26, 2023.


Section added to the Pre-Travel Advisory

A Required Documents section has been added to our PTA indicating whether there are any health-related requirements to enter a Destination. It includes the following 2 subsections: