Pre-Travel Advisories API now supported in multiple languages

Our Pre-Travel Advisories API is now available in: German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish as well as French and English.


Minor additions to COVID-19 microsite

We have made the following additions to the COVID-19 microsite:


Spanish regions COVID-19 infection rates are no longer tracked

The Spanish government have stopped tracking COVID-19 infection rates at the regional level.

Because of this, we have removed the Spanish regional infection map from our COVID-19 microsite. We now also return "null" values in API sections for "infection rate" for regions in Spain.


Suspension of inactive COVID-19 regional reports

Riskline will suspend Administrative Level One COVID-19 Reports ("Regional Reports"), where there is no longer any significant difference from national level COVID-19 travel policies, from 4 July 2022.


More of our APIs are now supported in multiple languages

Our Summary, Advisory and Country Risk Level APIs are now available in: German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish as well as French and English.


Risk Levels separated in Pre-Travel Advisories

Today Pre-Travel Advisories will show separate risk levels and risk level explanations, for Overall, Security and COVID-19 risk levels. This will make it clearer for travellers to understand the risk of a destination.


New headings available in ‘Documents’ section on COVID-19 microsite and COVID-19 API

The text explanation in the Documents field of the COVID-19 microsite now includes headings for each document type followed by text related to that requirement. In the COVID-19 API, this is done within the same field through HTML.

COVID-19 risk levels will be reduced for some destinations

As part of our ongoing efforts to adapt our intelligence to the ever-evolving nature of COVID-19, we will shortly be reducing the COVID-19 risks levels of some destinations to Moderate.


Stay updated with content notifications

To make it easier to stay updated on any region or country - users of our portal can now sign up to receive in-portal or email notifications for when we publish new or update existing advisories and risk assessments.


Changes to Risk Levels for COVID-19

Riskline will offer a 'Security Risk Level', in addition to 'Overall' and 'COVID-19' Risk Levels so that users can evaluate other risks at a destination besides those associated with COVID-19.