✈️ Are you a TMC looking to help companies ensure the safety of their employees when travelling? Since not all travellers are the same, our Specific Traveller Advice provides information on risks, laws and customs for specific types of travellers depending on the country they're travelling to.

What is the Specific Traveller Advice?

These assessments provide country-specific information tailored for LGBTQ+ travellers, Female travellers and Tech-Dependant travellers in relation to local customs, laws and overall risks.

Use cases

✈️ TMCs and travel agencies can add value for their travellers by providing them with accurate assessments of where it’s safe for them to travel and what to expect on their trip.

📱 Travel apps directed specific groups of travellers in specific countries can use our STA to help them prepare for their trip and remain safe during their stay.

🎓 Riskline's STA can help universities and their partners keep students safe when travelling abroad, especially students that might face different risks than the regular traveller.

🌐 Security companies can use this key advice for their operations regarding protection of specific groups of travellers in specific countries.

💼 Insurance companies can add value for their policyholders, as well as influence their behaviour and reduce claims. Our Specific Traveller Advice can be used by customers at the booking stage, pre-travel and during travel, as they are better informed about the risks they might face at certain destinations, they are less likely to change their travel plans and encounter unexpected risks and more likely to travel to safer destinations.


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POST http://www.example.com/specific-traveller-advices

An initial sync is provided to populate the database on your end. After that, we push data only when it is changed.


The data is JSON encoded.


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