Which cities do you cover?

You can find the complete list of the countries and territories we cover in our Collections

How can new cities be added?

You can email your suggestion to your account manager or to [email protected]. City Reports will be added if there is sufficient demand for that specific city or as the city becomes more prominent in terms of travel or client operations.

How often do City Reports get updated?

Our Analysts Team update City Reports based on major developments. This means that things like national elections or major terrorist attacks will be captured in the reports - and the overall risk re-assessed - shortly after the fact. Because these reports are assessments of long-term hazards and threats, not every incident will necessitate an update.

When there have been no recent developments, City Reports are reviewed and reissued annually.

What is the criteria for which cities Riskline covers with City reports?

For each country we would typically choose the capital, although in some cases it may be the economic/cultural "capital". However, over time we have added to that database based on the following criteria:

  • One city per country where the capital is the most important city
  • Two cities per country where the capital is not the most important city
  • Multiple cities for large and/or important countries