✈️ Do you want to empower travellers to book with confidence without leaving your platform? Travel Search is a great way of providing them with a concise overview of potential disruptions and required documentation prior to booking their trip.

What is Travel Search?

Riskline's Travel Search is exactly what a traveller needs to know about their destination before they leave home. It's a one-stop solution for key travel information, including visa, health and document requirements, upcoming events and possible disruptions.

Travel Search can be offered in two different ways:

  • API: for maximum customisation and flexibility
  • Widget: our data can be embedded as an interactive map directly on your platform. You can find more information about it here

Use cases

:airplane: For TMCs and Travel Agencies, Travel Search can be used before a trip, allowing travellers to suitably prepare for a destination’s risks. Travel Search can be inserted directly into the booking flow, using the inputs users have already provided.

:globe-with-meridians: Security companies can use Travel Search to ensure their customers and employees have a condensed report on all they need to know before travelling to a certain Destination.

:briefcase: Insurance companies can use this API as an additional service offering to customers.