✈️ Are you a TMC or a Travel Agency looking to provide travellers with accurate information about their destination? Our Advisories are detailed assessments explaining where it’s safe for them to travel and what to expect on their trip.

What is an Advisory?

Advisories are regional, event- or crisis-specific reports to remain constantly up-to-date aware of the situation on the ground. They are detailed assessments of ongoing and rapidly evolving security situations and travel issues. Reports are published for high-risk geographic areas, political and security crises, persisting travel disruptions and major upcoming events.

Use cases

✈️ Travel Managers can learn more about complex local developments, high-risk locations and upcoming events with our advisories. Longer and more in-depth than Alerts, these reports keep managers informed and help them assess risk.

Advisories can be used before a trip, allowing travellers to suitably prepare for a destination’s risks.

🌐 Security companies can use Riskline’s Advisories to ensure their customers and employees are well-prepared when they travel to specific high-risk areas or countries during a crisis, with detailed analysis of on-the-ground risks.

🚑 Our Advisories ensure Assistance companies are well-prepared when they travel to high-risk areas, with detailed analysis of on-the-ground risks and baseline operating conditions.

💼 Insurance companies can influence policyholder’s behaviour and reduce claims. Riskline’s intelligence can be used for customers at the booking stage, pre-travel and during travel. As policyholders are better informed about their destination, they are less likely to change their travel plans and encounter unexpected risks and more likely to travel to safer destinations.


A URL endpoint where we will POST the data.

POST http://www.example.com/advisories

Updates to Avisories are provided via a PUT request to an endpoint:

PUT http://www.example.com/advisories/:id

Deleting Advisories is done via a DELETE request to an endpoint:

DELETE http://www.example.com/advisories/:id


Displaying and distributing the data is the responsibility of the third party.


The data is JSON encoded.


Please respond with status 2xx