✈️ Do you want to empower travellers to book with confidence without leaving your platform? Our Country Risk Level API gives you a precise rating related to the safety situation of countries and territories around the world to help keep travellers safe.

What is the Country Risk Level?

The Country Risk Level API provides the overall Risk Level for over 230 Destinations, which ranges from 1 to 5 (1 being Low, 5 being Extreme). You can find a detailed explanation of how we determine Risk Levels here.

Use cases

✈️ For TMCs, the Risk Level assigned by our analysts to each Destination can be integrated into travel policies and business operations

🌐 Security and Assistance companies can have the API integrated in a colour-coded map in their GSOC and have a quick view of a Destination's risk rating for situations when time is of the essence.

💼 Insurance companies can use our Risk Levels to inform policyholders about the risks of travelling to different destinations worldwide. Policyholders will thus be more likely to choose safer destinations.

Our Risk Levels can also help insurance companies improve the accuracy of underwriting and dynamic pricing models. This provides a better experience for customers as policies are smarter and more agile.


A URL endpoint where we will POST the data.


An initial sync is provided to populate the database on your end. After that, we push data only when risk levels change. This is done with a 30 min. delay to avoid any changes that might have been made by mistake.


The data is JSON encoded.


Please respond with status 2xx