✈️ Do you want to empower travellers to book with confidence without leaving your platform? Our Pre-Travel Advisories are a great way of providing them with a concise overview of security risks and recent developments after booking and prior to reaching their destination.

What is a Pre-Travel Advisory?

Riskline's Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs) are exactly what a traveller needs to know about their destination before they leave home. Each report includes the Destination risk levels, local emergency numbers, active Advisories, required documentation, a concise Covid-19 summary, the Destination Summary, upcoming events and the latest published Alerts.

It can be accessed in two different ways:

  • Pre-Formatted HTML File: Businesses and developers can easily integrate the PTA content into their own websites or applications using the pre-formatted HTML file, allowing for consistent and seamless user experiences.
  • Raw API JSON: For maximum customisation and flexibility, access the raw API JSON to design the travel preparation content according to your specific needs and preferences.

Use cases

:airplane: For TMCs and Travel Agencies, PTAs can be used before a trip, allowing travellers to suitably prepare for a destination’s risks. The report can be sent directly to travellers' emails before they depart.

:globe-with-meridians: Security companies can use Riskline’s PTAs to ensure their customers and employees have a condensed report on all they need to know before travelling to a certain Destination.

:ambulance: Our PTAs ensure Assistance companies operation teams are well-prepared when they travel to high-risk areas, with a concise overview of the risks on the ground.

:briefcase: Insurance companies can use our PTAs as an additional service offering to customers.


A URL endpoint where we will POST the data.


An initial sync is provided to populate the database on your end. After that, we push data only when risk levels change or when advisories for that country are updated.


The data is JSON encoded.


Please respond with status 2xx