What Countries do you cover?

You can find the complete list of the countries and territories we cover in our Collections

How often are Destination reports updated?

Our analysts update Destination Reports based on major developments. This means that things like national elections or major terrorist attacks will be captured in the reports - and the overall risk re-assessed - shortly after the fact. Because these reports are assessments of long-term hazards and threats, not every incident will necessitate an update.

When there have been no recent developments, Destination Reports are reviewed and reissued annually.

How recent are the events included in the Destination Reports?

This depends on the specific section of the Destination Report. There are different time periods for each section, which depend on two factors:

  • how frequently we typically report on a certain category and;
  • how timely something should be to be considered “recent”.

For instance, protests taking place a year ago are of little value to a situation in a country right now. However, an outbreak of a disease 8 months ago could be seen as important, outbreaks happen with much less frequency than a protest does.

Are the chapters the same for all Destinations?

Yes, the chapters are the same for all Destinations, with the same title and same ID for each chapter.