How do I register and update my endpoints?

You must email Riskline Support - [email protected]. You can find further information in our external documentation page here. Note, however, that you will see both GET and POST methods for retrieving Riskline data. The GET method is only to retrieve a sample in a demo/testing phase and we do not support the GET method in production (except for the Covid-19 API). Riskline data will be sent via POST method for all APIs subscribed to.

How do I deregister the registered endpoints in case my company wants to deprecate them?

You must email Riskline Support - [email protected]

How long will the registered endpoints be active? Is there any renewal period?

No, there is no renewal or expiry date.

How do I update the authorisation details of the registered endpoint?

You must email Riskline Support - [email protected]

How does Riskline handle endpoint authorisation?

There are 2 options:

  • The first one is to use a custom header and token. For that, the client needs to provide us with a header key name and token value.
  • The second option is to use a dynamic token. For that, the client needs to provide us with an endpoint with authorization values.

What happens if Riskline pushes data to my company’s endpoint but the endpoint is down (e.g. maintenance or deployment)?

We have a Confirmation Service that is available for most APIs. When this service is active, you will have to make a request back to us to confirm that the data was received and processed correctly. Otherwise we will retry a maximum of 3 times every 30 minutes. You can read more about the Confirmation Service here.

How does the data push from Riskline to us work?

Once the endpoints are registered, this is done in real time.

Can we supply more than one endpoint? (dev/staging/prod, etc)

Yes, you can provide different endpoints for each environment.

If we use the APIs on different environments, do we need different auth tokens?

Not necessarily, this is up to you.

How often does Riskline push data?

All data is pushed in real time

What are the steps after contract signature?

The flow is usually the following:

  • 1st stage: the client can initially test our APIs by getting samples from our ReadMe site
  • 2nd stage: we provide the client with access to our Swagger environment, where the client can retrieve samples of our Production data for the APIs included in the contract.
    3rd stage: once the client has tested the APIs in Swagger and is ready to receive the data in their staging or test environment, they will provide us with the corresponding endpoints, we will register them on our side and start pushing the data to them.
  • 3rd stage: implementation process is completed once the client’s product/service that has integrated Riskline’s intelligence is deployed to production.

What are your SLAs?

Our servers are handled by Amazon, therefore we abide to their SLAs: