What sources does Riskline use?

Riskline analysts use specialty tools to monitor a variety of open sources.

Our analysts monitor open source intelligence (OSINT) 24/7/365 to make accurate and timely assessments of travel and public safety risks. These sources can be classified as:

  • Media: International outlets, wire services, local and foreign-language
  • User-generated: Social media websites and apps
  • Geospatial: Digital maps and geographic databases
  • Government and official sources: Foreign ministries, public health agencies, emergency services, law enforcement
  • Specialty sources: Disaster relief agencies, disease outbreak monitors, environmental groups, science departments, weather services

While monitoring hundreds of thousands of individual sources would be impossible, Riskline employs several tools to aid our analysts in finding the right information at the right time:

  • Riskline Monitor: our custom-built tool for finding the most important travel and security news and information, which allows us to monitor developments in multiple languages and adjust parameters for the latest crisis.
  • AI Monitor: we use a third-party artificial intelligence platform to uncover breaking news faster than any human could.
  • Our Analysts: while technology has its advantages, we also rely on the experience and judgement of our analysts to track breaking incidents and developing crises.