Riskline data protection, collection and Sub-processors

Which types of personal data will be collected by Riskline?

  • email
  • ip
  • check-in / location data (if you're using the MySafeTravel app)
  • emergency contact emails

How the collected personal data is stored and secured?

  • data is sotred in AWS Ireland datacenter
  • infrastructure is inside a private VPC
  • secured with latest AWS best practices for access security

Which types of personal data will be forwarded to third parties?

Riskline use sub-processors:

  • Sendgrid for email delivery (check-in notifications)
  • Airbrake for error reporting
  • AWS Cloudwatch for log monitoring / processing
  • Hetzner Germany used for storing databases with personal data
  • Slack US used internally, contains personal data in the channels we used internally for notifications
  • Gmail US used internaly, contains documents / personal data in the message exchange
  • Google Drive contains documents with personal data (exports sometimes)
  • Hubspot inbound marketing, sales and customer service