By completing each of the below pieces of information, the Travel Search API will return concise and predictive data including if the destination is open for travel, an overall trip assessment level, the documents that are needed (visa, insurance, vaccines, etc.), and any upcoming disruptive events.


The traveller will need to complete information related to the following:

Nationality: Country name
Origin and destination: It can be a country, a region, or a city
From and to: Travel start date and end date

All fields, except nationality, are mandatory fields. If the traveller does not indicate their nationality, it will default to the selected origin country.


The API will return the following results, depending on the input from the traveller:

  • Overall trip assessment:
    • Indicating whether travel to that destination is possible or not
    • Risk level assessment ranging from Low to Extreme risk
    • Specific traveller type assessment level: assessment 1 to 3
  • Indication of required documents: these can be visa, health, and other documents (vaccines, tests, insurance) based on destination, nationality, and vaccination status.
  • Possible travel disruptions: these will be any Alerts, Annual events, and/or Advisories based on destination and dates