title: string (Country name + Alert title)

text: string, text lengths of 560 characters (if the Breaking flag is set) or 600 characters (aggregated country name + alert title + alert body + advice).

alert_title: string (Alert title only)

body: string (alert text only)

Advice: string (alert advice only)

country: string, uppercase, country iso code 2 letters

is_notice: integer, 1 or 0

risk_level: string: Low, Moderate, Medium, High, Extreme

duration: object with start_date and end_date - UTC timestamps)

category: integer (one of 7 categories) - see additional file, regarding categories

Category_name: string

airports: optional, comma separated list of airport codes (IATA 3 letter codes)

regions: optional, array of regions, each with name and code (29 countries), a dump with a list is available

geo: optional, object with 2 keys: lat and lng

location_explanation: optional, string, name or a description of the lat/lng location

Parent_id: integer (parent alert ID, if this alert is related to another alert)