Suspension of inactive COVID-19 regional reports

Riskline will suspend Administrative Level One COVID-19 Reports ("Regional Reports"), where there is no longer any significant difference from national level COVID-19 travel policies, from 4 July 2022.

We will still maintain and publish data for regions that report differences from national level COVID-19 travel policies. 

Why are we doing this?

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, both national and local administrations enacted travel restrictions, resulting in variation between national and regional rules. In response, Riskline began reporting on the situation in regions, provinces and states of France, Spain, the United States of America, Canada and Australia. 

As the response to the pandemic has normalised since 2020, most local administrations have dropped their COVID-19 travel restrictions; those restrictions that remain in place now usually follow national-level policies. 

Riskline will suspend all regional reports except for those localities that have travel restrictions in place that significantly differ from the national policy in the following areas: 

  • Entry
  • Testing
  • Quarantine
  • Required documents

Riskline recognises that important COVID-19 travel restrictions remain for some regions and will continue reporting these as long as the local policies remain in place. 

For the regions with suspended reports, Riskline will return 'null' values, including to 'Last Update' dates. The report formats will remain on the COVID-19 microsite and associated APIs, but without data.

In the event of local authorities reintroducing new travel restrictions, Riskline will restart the relevant reports for the affected region(s).

The suspension will occur from 4th July 2022.