New vaccination, testing and Covid Pass information added to COVID-19 microsite

This update to our COVID-19 Microsite introduces new detailed information on vaccination requirements and validity, testing requirements and Covid Pass usage if applicable. Specifically, the below information was added to sections in the COVID-19 report:


  • Added date of last update


  • Added weekly trend

International Travel: Entry and borders

  • Added if vaccine is required for entry
  • Added if fully vaccinated and/or recovered travellers are exempt from entry ban

International travel: Testing
Created separate scenario sections for Before Travel, Upon Arrival and After Arrival
Added test type, validity time, minimum age requirement and exemptions for each testing scenario

International travel: Vaccination

  • Added minimum age requirement for fully vaccinated status
  • Added exemptions from vaccination requirements for entry
  • For qualified vaccines section: Added months of validity after last dose for fully vaccinated status and added booster requirement & number of months after last dose booster is required

Domestic situation: COVID-19 Pass

  • Created new subsection for COVID-19 Pass usage
  • Added details on what activities require a pass and how to obtain a pass
  • Added URL to government Covid Pass website

COVID-19 Risk Level adjustment: There have also been minor changes to the COVID risk level criteria to take into account vaccinated travellers.