COVID-19 risk levels will be reduced for some destinations

As part of our ongoing efforts to adapt our intelligence to the ever-evolving nature of COVID-19, we will shortly be reducing the COVID-19 risks levels of some destinations to Moderate.

We are doing this as most destinations are dropping many domestic and travel COVID-19 restrictions, assessing the risk of COVID as one among many threats and hazards.

Note: We still have the ability to raise levels again in the event of a dangerous new variant and/or the reintroduction of travel restrictions.

Our criteria for assessing whether to reduce a destination's COVID risk level to Moderate is:

🦠 Infection Rate

  • Extreme or below
  • High confidence that a destination's data accurately represents the COVID situation
    ✈️ Travel
  • All travellers or all vaccinated travellers can enter
  • No ban on flights or travellers from any areas (because of COVID)
    🧪 Test
  • Single Before Travel test required, or no testing required
  • No After Arrival test requirements; Upon Arrival tests are ok
    🏥 Quarantine
  • No quarantine for healthy travellers
    🚫 Lockdowns, Curfews, Domestic Travel Restrictions
  • None
    📱 COVID Pass
  • Not required for daily activities (shopping, restaurants, etc)
  • A destination to be changed to Moderate risk should meet most of these criteria but does not need to meet all of them.

These changes will be implemented from 21st March.

The update will allow Riskline to continue to assess risk by taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic while also allowing our users to better understand the other risks at a destination.